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Mobile Technologies for Social Transformation – Event

Mobile Technologies for Social Transformation – JamiiX Launch Event

Tuesday 5 October 2010, 3.30 – 6.30pm at the Oasis Centre, London. SE1 7HS

The Coalition Government has announced 25% cuts in departmental budgets and Deputy Prime
Minister Nick Clegg talks about the need to “reconfigure services”. These are indeed challenging
times. All businesses and organisations will need to innovate and look at how they can provide their
services more effectively for less. If you are considering mHealth provision or support programmes
in the UK or globally where coaching or mentoring people will be a key element, this is an event
you cannot afford to miss.

JamiiX is a web and mobile based software developed out of the world’s first mobile phone based
counselling service. JamiiX integrates SMS, Mobile Instant Messaging and Social Networking
Services (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) to enable multiple conversations and the sharing of information.
In South Africa where JamiiX is used for Drug and HIV support services, a typical face-2-face
counselling session costs R185 whereas counselling via a mobile costs only a few cents per
conversation. Before using JamiiX, a counsellor would help 4 people over a 2 hour session, now they
can hold an average 27 conversations over the same period, enabling them to reach many more
people in need.


Peter Holt, Director of Nimbus Consulting – Nick Clegg has also spoken about “behavioural
economics – efforts by governments to use market signals to improve individual behaviour.”
Behavioural change seems to be the current ‘buzz word’ in the Social and Development sectors.
Peter will be discussing some of the models of behavioural change and the coaching/mentoring
principles that can be used in mobile interventions.

Marlon Parker, Social Entrepreneur and founder of JamiiX will share the issues caused by
gangsterism and drug use in South Africa. He will also talk about how he established the world’s first
mobile phone counselling service & developed the ideas that now drive the global growth of JamiiX.

Dr Gary Wills, University of Southampton will talk about Development and Community Informatics
and their role in ensuring that technology solutions are deployed with sensitivity so communities
and individuals can bring about the transformation they desire.

David Deakin, former Marketing Director of Tearfund and now managing HIV Programmes,
will talk about how JamiiX will provide a vital and cost effective link for Tearfund in the
exchange of information and the coaching of volunteers involved in HIV programmes in Africa.

We hope you will be able to join us for this exciting and ground breaking event. Places are strictly
limited so email us now at to confirm your attendance or click on the events
tab to register on line.


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