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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has turned to JamiiX and MXit to help save lives in Indonesia.

Nimbus is proud to announce that JamiiX has been given the official seal of approval, by no less than The World Health Organization (WHO). WHO’s South-East Asia Regional Office (SEARO) is being supported by the JamiiX messaging management system, along with popular mobile chat service, MXit, in bringing emergency readiness information to mobile users in disaster-prone Indonesia. This new approach is critical for a country like Indonesia, which yesterday alone was shook by three consecutive earthquakes.

Hence now Indonesians using MXit chat are able to access personal readiness information, including what to do in the case of different natural disasters like floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and cyclones; how to prepare an emergency kit and how to plan for possible evacuation. This information is teamed up with facts on safe hospitals in disaster zones. People are urged to sign up on MXit and through Facebook to help the campaign reach its 1 million supporter target – which also includes the likes of WHO Goodwill Ambassador and international superstar, Jet Li.

The initiative, launched on 24th January, is aligned with WHO’s wider effort using new communications technology to strengthen disaster preparedness in the Region and build public awareness of the urgent need for safe hospitals in disasters.

This mobile and social media outreach is new to the NGO and International Development community. “We are leveraging new communication technology in order to ease the availability, accessibility, and effectiveness of health information and services,” says Dr Roderico Ofrin, regional adviser for WHO’s emergency and humanitarian action. “Through this campaign we will continue to explore innovative means of bringing critical information in times of emergencies,” he says.

Herman Heunis, CEO and founder of MXit says: “The nature of social media can have far reaching effects in helping communities and this is especially true for social communities on mobile phones because the devices are so accessible globally. This campaign is a true example of the meaningful use of mobile social media in preventing and alleviating suffering in areas that need it most, and we commend the WHO for initiating this important campaign.”

“Being able to access life saving information at your fingertips is an empowering initiative by WHO and we are excited to be part of this campaign displaying the power of social media” says Marlon Parker, CEO of JamiiX.

Nimbus represents JamiiX in the UK and worldwide. We are currently working with several other NGO’s to establish technology programs that will reach underserved communities and alleviate poverty. If you would like to know more about JamiiX, or explore how mobile technologies can enhance your existing development programs we would be delighted to speak with you. Call us now on 0330 330 9813.


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