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Vivhaan launches in India with official endorsement

It’s been an exhilarating two weeks and we have only just begun our pilot phase. The formal unveiling of Vivhaan, a new website and mobile application to help communities fight Human Trafficking, occurred on 27th February 2012 at the Mobile and Web Technologies in Social and Economic Development, held in New Delhi. Since then we have also spoken at the conference on Economic Migration and Human Trafficking at the India Habitat Centre. Both presentations where extremely well received, giving us great encouragement and hope for the future. Plus many new contacts to follow up with!!

In between these two events was International Women’s Day when our innovative project was officially announced by DFID the UK government department for International Development. You can read the full press release at the address below;


Vivhaan is giving poor and vulnerable women access to information via specially trained Community Knowledge Workers (CKW’s) that are equipped with 8” Android tablets. The CKW’s can access a website both on and offline via a simple mobile application. This means they can be effective even in the most rural areas where mobile connectivity is challenging. There is also a voice and SMS helpline to ensure that everyone can get information on how to avoid abuse, exploitation and trafficking whether at home, or when they migrate for jobs abroad.

Below one of our CKW’s, Monica, learns how to use a Vivhaan tablet to enhance her work with Vulnerable women and girls.

Information needs to be accessible to ensure it’s heard, trusted to be useful and shared to help people. That’s where Vivhaan steps in, keeping trusted information flowing across communities and regions. Vivhaan has been set-up to address two major issues. Firstly, access to information for women and girls in impoverished communities, raising awareness of human trafficking and empowering them to make informed decisions about their future. Secondly, to bring a greater level of co-ordination to stakeholders, across India and Bangladesh, engaged in fighting human trafficking, by gathering information and intelligence of trafficking activities. Our stakeholders include Government, NGOs, responsible businesses, communities and individuals affected by trafficking and bonded labour.

For more information visit the website or to get involved with this exciting new project contact us at


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