PoiMapper – Collecting and utilizing point-of-interest (POI) data cost-effectively with mobile technologiesVisit Pajat
PoiMapper is a mobile POI data collection and sharing solution developed for affordable GPS-enabled feature phones. PoiMapper makes fieldwork more efficient and reliable and improves the capability to plan and monitor field activities. It is suitable for development programs focusing on topics such as health, education and agriculture as well as for commercial use such as installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment.

With PoiMapper it is possible to:

  • Define points-of-interest (POIs), routes and areas with associated data to be collected
  • Data can be of multiple types: text, numbers, single and multiple choice alternatives, or conditional sub-questions
  • Multimedia: capture pictures or tag audio notes to POIs
  • Collect data with affordable lower-end mobile phones with GPS and camera
  • Upload data directly to a central database over the cellular network or via an internet-connected computer
  • Edit existing data downloaded directly onto the mobile phone during follow-up visits
  • Perform back-office reporting with analysis tools
  • Visualize the collected data over the internet, layered on digital maps

PoiMapper is offered with a complete cost-effective SaaS (software-as-service) model and is provided by Pajat and global partners, who also provide related services such as training, on-site support and organization/sector-specific customization.
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RLabs – The Reconstructed Living LabsVisit RLabs
In South Africa, Impact Direct Ministries (IDM) established the first mobile phone counselling service anywhere in the world. This built upon the learning gained from the RLabs project, a partnership initiative they instigated in the community. RLabs is an amazingly successful project involving reformed drug addicts and enabling them to provide both drug counselling and IT training within the community.
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Nimbus provided free consultancy and seed funding at a crucial stage in the development of RLabs and the spin out of MoVigo.

MoVigo Technologies (Pty) Ltd and JamiiXVisit JamiiX
MoVigo Technologies (Pty) Ltd is the company with the mission of developing commercial products from the ideas generated within the community project of RLabs. Their fantastic software application called JamiiX ‘Social Exchange’ is a Web and Mobile based tool enabling NGOs, Governments and individuals to manage multiple conversations. It can work with various Social Media and Instant Messaging platforms. It is a social and web 2.0 distribution and aggregation technology to engage with clients, patients, community members and stakeholders. It provides a unique environment for counselling and support services via a Cloud Computing platform.
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TearfundVisit Tearfund
Tearfund has a 10 year vision to see 50 million people released from material and spiritual poverty through a worldwide network of 100,000 local churches. Find out more about this miracle of lives transformed through their website Nimbus is working with Tearfund on a variety of different projects primarily focused on HIV programmes in Africa. Within these programmes Nimbus will be providing technology to deliver information to healthcare workers and clients, collect data and provide mobile phone counselling. Nimbus will also be providing training on mentoring and coaching to help engage patients with the desire to change their behaviours.
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Southampton UniversityVisit ECS.Soton
The School of Electronics and Computer Science at Southampton University is partnering with Nimbus on several technology and social change projects. The department has a world leading research environment and is carrying out ground breaking work in the fields of M-Learning and computer applications for the marginalised and excluded. Their research on Cognitive Behavioural Change and technologies for social change has informed our progress. Nimbus is currently writing a research paper on ‘Technology and Behavioural Change’ with Southampton University.
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HANDS is a charity working in northern Thailand amongst marginalised people groups helping to bring change to individuals and communities. They provide training and support in order to facilitate growth and they encourage sustainable development to bring lasting benefits to these communities. For more information on the projects they have delivered visit HANDS. Peter has been working with HANDS for the last four years helping them with fundraising strategies in the UK and through annual visits to their projects.

Edith’s HomeVisit Edithshome
The Edith’s Home Project works with orphans in the community of Ngora, a small town in the Teso region of Uganda. The project is focussed on education and training opportunities for disadvantaged children and provides vocational training to young orphans. Paul is a trustee of Edith’s Home and provides ongoing management support to the project, including the development of the vocational centre, evaluation visits and overseeing finances.
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FrontlineSMSVisit Frontlinesms
FrontlineSMS is the world’s leading text messaging system created exclusively for communication amongst NGOs within developing countries.
By leveraging basic tools already available to most NGOs, computers and mobile phones, FrontlineSMS enables instantaneous two-way communication on a large scale. It is easy to implement, simple to operate, and best of all, the software is free. You just pay for the messages you send in the normal way.
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In the developing world a lack of infrastructure prevents health workers from delivering efficient healthcare to rural areas. As health workers travel from clinics to reach isolated patients, they are often as disconnected from central clinics as the patients they are trying to serve. The FrontlineSMS platform has now been enabled to support patient management, electronic medical records via the cell phone, cheap mobile diagnostics, and mapping of health services. Delivering crucial information to the areas where they are most needed.
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Brave are an innovative web design and media business operating in the UK for many household brands. They were the key partner with Nimbus in the production of a website as an information resource for migrants and refugees in Southampton, England. This website used simple icons and intuitive navigation to deliver an enhanced user experience for people whose first language is not English and has resulted in an increase in user traffic by a factor of 10.

AstraCastingVisit AstraCasting
One component to providing an information service to impoverished communities is the use of Bluetooth technology, as it provides free connectivity for end users. Our partner, AstraCasting, is the leading provider of Bluetooth solutions to Government in the UK. They provide award winning, flexible solutions to many police forces and councils. For more information on the range of Bluetooth solutions visit
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