Technology for Change

Technology solutions can enable and catalyse change, Nimbus continually review mobile phone related innovations to seek out those that can provide this stimulus. Mobile technology can provide access to information, to advice and many other services otherwise beyond the reach of the rural poor. Behavioural change is integral to our solutions, enabling peer to peer sharing, a forum for social influence and coaching and mentoring. We believe that communities best adapt when information is passed amongst the individuals rather than being imposed from outside and we use techology as a means of enabling such empowerment.

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International Development

We work alongside Development Agencies and NGOs to fully understand the community needs and to implement projects that address the real issues facing all levels of the community.

Nimbus is helping to improve the training and mentoring of volunteers through using coaching sessions on data enabled mobile phones and by collecting activity and outcome data in order to enable attribution of outcomes.

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Consultancy and Training

Nimbus supports NGO’s in developing countries to promote and support entrepreneurs and to deliver sustainable business projects for communities in need. We aim to develop entrepreneurial thinking and basic business skills in impoverished communities. We work closely with third sector organisations to give people the personal development they deserve. Implementing programmes that enable and empower people to take steps in achieving economic growth and independence.

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