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“Development can really work everywhere. But most of sub-Saharan Africa, the Andean region, and Central Asia face obstacles.”

“The essential truth for developing countries is, if you try to live by yourself, you will cut yourself off from the amazing progress of world technology. You won’t be able to purchase the goods that you need from abroad, because you’re not exporting to the rest of the world. You have to be part of the world system.” – Jefferey Sachs

Introduce creative approaches to problem solving

Nimbus aims to develop entrepreneurial thinking and basic business skills in impoverished communities. We work closely with third sector organisations to give people the personal development they deserve. Implementing programmes that enable and empower people to take steps in achieving economic growth and independence.

We are developing a two day course on “Breakthrough Thinking” that will initially be delivered in Kenya. The course aims to challenge linear thinking, introduce creative approaches to problems and help people to break any negative behaviour patterns. Thus releasing them to fulfill their full potential.

Nimbus supports NGO’s in developing countries to promote and support entrepreneurs and to deliver sustainable business projects for communities in need. We have been involved with community enterprises in Thailand, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa using our extensive commercial experience in developing key management skills and introducing business disciplines to deliver strong and dynamic organisations.

Paul Leppitt has delivered business training in both Uganda and Kenya. A five day course entitled “How to set up your own small business” was delivered for the community at Edith’s Home in Uganda and has since been integrated into the programme of training delivered to the students of the Edith’s Home vocational centre. In Kenya shorter courses on the same topic have been delivered to rural communities. Paul has also provided other courses to leaders of Kenyan NGOs and spoken at other gatherings in both Nairobi and Kisumu.

Nimbus has delivered a new website commissioned by Southampton City council for people that are new to the city. In the development of this site Nimbus had to carefully consider the full spread of user requirements. Some users may access the site from abroad before visiting the UK, whilst many other new arrivals may have very low literacy skills. To help these people access the information they need, the website was developed in 12 languages, ensuring that it appears in search results when users type a search in their own language. The site also includes large icon buttons so that people with poor language skills can still navigate to content by associating it with an image. In the first full month of use the site has seen an increase in traffic ten times greater than the old website.

Over the last 12 months Nimbus has worked closely with Impact Direct Ministries (IDM), helping them develop strategies for commercialisation of NGO software, write business plans and gain funding. This enabled them to spin out a business that in the long term will be able to provide sustainable income for their growing charitable work.

IDM was established in 2001, as a non-profit community based organisation operating in South Africa with the main operational base in Capetown. For many years its members have been impacting various communities through a variety of outreach programmes locally and globally. To date IDM has formed partnerships all across South Africa, other parts of the continent, United States and the United Kingdom. Their mission is to fulfil local responsibility through care and compassion, poverty alleviation and community development.

CLEARVisit site

Paul is a Director of CLEAR and has worked extensively with their strategy, structure, management systems and fundraising. CLEAR aims to improve the quality of life for refugees and asylum seekers in Southampton by providing free advice and supporting people in accessing local services to which they are entitled. They believe in empowerment through education, and in practical action to support established and developing refugee communities.

Nimbus is working on other projects in the UK that will help the socially disadvantaged and excluded. Peter is currently advising on a project to set up a Social Enterprise providing employment and mentoring for people who are long term unemployed and socially excluded in Southampton. It is expected that 2 businesses will be up and running by the end of 2010 and these will be linked to the provision of long term secure housing.



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