International Development

A sustainable approach to development

“Humankind has the science and technology to destroy itself or to provide prosperity for all. But while science offers us these opportunities, science will not make that choice for us. Only the moral power of a world acting as a community can” – Margaret Beckett, speech ‘Global problems: global solutions’, Washington, December 2001

Enabling and empowering people

Addressing HIV & AIDS through better understanding and health care

Preventing mother to child transmission of HIV is one of the biggest goals of the global HIV community’s. There is now a strong commitment to ‘virtually eliminate’ this vertical transmission by 2015. Tearfund has developed a church and community mobilisation programme to identify and support pregnant women and their male partners – this is called ‘Guardians of our Children’s Health’ (GOOCH).

Nimbus is helping Tearfund with the GOOCH programme in 2 ways:

  1. By helping to improve the training and mentoring of volunteers through using coaching sessions on data enabled mobile phones
  2. By collecting activity and outcome data in order to enable attribution of outcomes to Tearfund supported activities

Supporting NGO delivery

As a result of this collaboration we have recently completed a €3 million EU bid with Southampton University and Tearfund to trial new programmes for combating the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. The trials will run in Nigeria and DRC with Nimbus providing the technology and processes. This will provide information, data collection and communication between healthcare workers, community volunteers and patients.

Working on the ground in Kenya

Paul Leppitt, together with his wife Gill, has been closely involved with a women’s self-help group from the slum of Kibera in Nairobi. In 2005 they visited the inaugural meeting of the group and recognising the potential of these women provided seed funding into the group’s jointly held account. With encouragement from Paul and from local partners the women used the funds to develop small income generation projects. Over the ensuing 5 years, the group has grown in ability and independence, increasing both in numbers and in the resources that they hold in common. To start with each member took out a 2000/- or Ksh loan and now the ladies are able to access 10,000/- or Ksh loans from the group funds as they build up a good repayment record. This group is now autonomous and conducts group business activities which together with the income generation projects, supports 14 families and allows the group to provide social care as needed by its members.



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